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Q. What do I do when my login email and password do not seem to work?
Please refer to this page.

Q. How do I change my login email and password?
The email address for login is the same as you use for registration. Please go to "Change Your Login Info " on your profile control page after login.

Q. How can I login without typing my password everytime?
When you login from the login page, check "login automatically next time".

Q. I have a trouble to upload the profile image. What should I do?
You can use only JPG or GIF format images for a profile image. The size should be up to 180pix x 180pix, not over 100byte.

Q. It seems I don't receive the forwarded emails from What should I do?
We have confirmed most major mailing service, including webmail like hotmail, are able to receive emails from If you are using anti-spam filter, please allow emails from