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General Questions about Service

Q. What is the Agreement?
You may view our user agreement at this page.

Q. What is the Privacy Policy?
You may view our user agreement at this page.

Q. How do you protect my private information?
We will use reasonable commercial effort to protect your private information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, however, you are responsible for any information you provide to the site. Please be cautious what information to put on the site.

Q. Is there any charge for using the service on the site?
Our current service for users are all provided for free and there is no hidden charge.

Q. Where is your service area?
We started the service mainly from Greater Vancouver area, and plan to expand it to other cities in Canada.

Q. Is there an age limit for using the service?
The Service is available only to individuals who lives in Canada and are age of 18 and older.

Q. Will you offer a multi-language service? is going to add more language to offer our service to provide more people the chance to find babysitter service or jobs by their native languages.