Vancouver / Vancouver, BC.

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English [Conversational]
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Mai's Self-Introduction

  • Non-smoker
  • Infant OK
  • I prepare light meals.
  • I go grocery Shopping.
  • I help homework.
  • Part-time shift preferred
I worked at the nursery school in Japan for 3 years.

I studied Dietetics in registered dietitian course for 4 years. I started working at the nursery school as a dietitian in Japan for 3 years after graduation from university. I came here to improve my English skill as a working holiday.
I prepared homemade lunch, snacks based on natural foods for 6 months baby to 6 years old kids. I have knowledge of baby foods, children's swallow function system and allergies.
I like going outside, taking a walk, baking, drawing and playing tennis.
I am a clean and punctual person.
I am happy if I can make people happy, help people.

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Sitter's Profile

Expected rate $ 18.00 - 25.00
Age of children you will sit for
  • 0-1 years old (Newborn)
  • 1-3 years old (Baby)
  • 3-10 years old (Kid)
Additional task you can provide
  • Letting kids play outside safe
  • Going for a walk with a stroll
  • Cooking light meal
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Light Housecleaning
  • Laundry
  • Homework Help
Reference No Reference Available.

My Availability

0 am -
   3 am
3 am -
   6 am
6 am -
   9 am
9 am -
   12 pm
12 pm -
   15 pm
15 pm -
   18 pm
18 pm -
   21 pm
21 pm -
   24 pm
available Available
unavailable Not Available
Job Types Part-time
Available working period
  • I can work from : Oct. 25th, 2019
  • I can work until : Apr. 15th, 2020
  • Available immediately
Other Special Request can be asked for.
Comment The schedule is current one. I can change my availability to work daytime too( Please let me know your schedule expectations, I can change at least 2-3 weeks, for daytime shifts, also as a full time).

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